The Langley Foundation is a grant giving body that was founded in 2013 by members of the Langley family.

The charity Objects are for ‘the prevention and relief of people suffering from financial hardship as a result of long term illness or disability in particular but not exclusively by the awarding of grants’.

The trustees have an interest in providing grants to families at the early onset of illness or disability, including neurodiverse conditions such as autism and ADHD, where a need for diagnosis has been realised.  The purpose of the grant would be to relieve some of the early financial pressures felt and to provide time to make those all important decisions that need to be considered. The Charity also signposts families to services that can offer support and advice on matters affecting families in this position. The Foundation further provides funds for short breaks to families with young children where they can enjoy time away together in the UK and gain some sense of normality in difficult circumstances.

Langley Foundation has joined the campaign to dramatically increase the number of young people on the register and play its part in raising awareness of the need for bone marrow and stem cell donors.

Trustees have a personal interest in the welfare of the families they are able to help and may on occasion, where a family is successful in its application for funding, request a progress report at the year end to assess the effective use of its grant during the funding period.

The Foundation’s Advisory Committee consider each cases brought before them and decide whether the eligibility criteria are met and the need is justified. If the application is agreed, and there are sufficient funds remaining, a small grant or a contribution towards the requested amount will be made.

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