Making an application


Applications to the Langley Foundation must be from or on behalf of families living in England or Wales and where a family member has been classed as having a recent onset of illness or disability and have their own business, are on a low income or receiving benefits, and where the person’s health issues bring financial hardship to the family unit. Health issues can include mental and/or physical illness or disability. The amount of funds are limited and regrettably not all applicants will be successful. The applications are prioritised based on degree of need and urgency and some of those in the low categories may be turned down.


When applying for a grant you must state clearly how the funds are to be used. This might include for example business costs such as one months rent; a family break for those with families with children; one month’s childcare costs.


The  Advisory Committee (small business representatives recruited by the trustees for making decisions on applications) will meet on a regular basis. If your application does not meet the criteria then please do not apply as your application will not be processed.