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Cherie and Rocky Langley were married on 7th July 2012 in the beautiful Kent countryside in the presence of their young children, Rocco (2 years) and Bella (1year), along with family and friends. It was a wonderful day.


One week on from the wedding Rocky was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma and taken into the Royal Marsden and their whole world changed………….the cancer was so rapid, so aggressive that there was no time for planning or weighing up options, it was simply a case of surviving.


The family home, their new business, the family unit were all at risk now. Rocky had to concentrate on receiving treatment – chemotherapy, radiotherapy, stem cell transplant and coping with the various side effects. Cherie had to continue to be a mum, a wife, run the family business, while spending each evening over the next 8 months at the hospital. The year was to be a tough one and there were no guarantees.


Family, friends and acquaintances rallied with financial and practical support and Cherie and Rocky, against the odds, were able to hold things together. A year on the good news is that Rocky is doing well, the business is still growing and the children are happy and healthy, showing no signs of the disruption to their lives over the past year.


Imagine this affecting someone you love, someone you care for, but whom you perhaps are unable to help. Not everyone in Rocky’s and Cherie’s position have family and friends who are able to give all the financial and practical support needed. The result is often that the pressure of a new diagnosis or disability, the immediate financial pressures and the sudden need to make life changing decisions can result in the family business not able to meet its commitments, the family home at risk of repossession and the couple feeling that they have somehow failed each other and their children.  The critical period is those first few weeks when the family needs time to consider the options, discuss the best way forward and mitigate what risks they can. Take away the financial pressures and urgencies, and the couple or single parent have the time to consider the right decisions for themselves and their family.


The Langley family have set up the Langley Foundation in recognition of the help and support they have received from others over the past year and in turn to help families in similar circumstances navigate their way through this difficult time.


The Foundation aims to assist around 20 families in its first year, with funds being allocated by a committee representative of small business owners in the community.